National careers week – don’t overlook recruitment!

31/03/2016 - By Josh Spencer

National Careers Week kicked off earlier this month with the industry acknowledging and celebrating the importance of career guidance and the fantastic work done to direct so many young people onto the next phase of their lives.

For young people still at school, deciding on what subjects to take in order to support your future career choices can be difficult. Especially if you still have no idea about what you want to do. This doesn’t get any easier for graduates as they prepare to leave University, with many as unsure of their career paths as they were when they started.

If you are like the majority, you’ll be thinking about the obvious sectors, but are you missing out? According to the Graduate Recruitment Report from High Fliers Research, 55% of the top graduate vacancies in the UK are in the IT sector, having risen by 219% since 2006. Closely following behind is the Consulting industry (encompassing recruitment!), having risen by 63% in the last 10 years, accounting for 22% of the top graduate vacancies in 2016.

The league table for the leading UK sectors for graduate vacancies in 2016 looks like the below:

  • IT – 55%
  • Marketing – 34%
  • Consulting (Including recruitment) – 22%
  • Accountancy – 17%
  • Investment banking – 15%
  • Property – 8%

When thinking careers, we are always surprised at how few graduates consider recruitment, particularly considering the financial rewards on offer and the opportunities for career progression.

With salary typically a major motivator, you might be interested to learn the results of an AGR Salary Survey in September last year. It showed that leading Law firms can start graduates off on £37,000 per annum; this was followed by Financial Services firms at £31,250. However, you’ll never guess who’s third on the list… That’s right! Recruitment Consulting firms can start graduates off on £28,500 per year, and of course that is just the start.

If you’re a graduate considering a job in recruitment, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with our team by giving us a call on 01264 360234 or email

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