Meet the Team

You are no doubt interested to see who you are dealing with at the Recruitment Academy, so here we all are, warts, photos and all – and feel free to pick up the phone and give any of us a call. We’d love to hear from you and we don’t bite (except Tricki!)

Becky Dawson
Top Recruitment Related Tip

Listen. Reconfirm. Agree. Whether you’re talking to clients or candidates never assume you know. Most importantly sell you, your strengths, your company, your experiences and your passion.

My passions

I like to spend time with my family and friends and usually spend a lot of my time walking my dog, Polly, and going to the gym.

Tammy Raines
Recruitment Consultant
Top Recruitment Related Tip

Work with the ‘no surprises’ policy – this goes for Consultants, Clients & Candidates. Be clear and ask the right questions from the outset. This insures that everyone is on the same page and striving for the same goal. Be proud of your achievements and what you have to offer – you will never come across a top biller who isn’t able to confidently sell themselves.

My passions

I’m a big fan of the outdoors, enjoying hikes and fair weather walking in the country-side. I also enjoy being a member of my local gym.

Alex Barrett
Recruitment Consultant
Top Recruitment Related Tip

Ensure you ask the right questions to your candidates and clients from the beginning, remembering to promote the right reputation. Give it every ounce of effort you have and let you passion shine through!

My passions

I am passionate about spending time with my family and close friends. There is nothing I like more than to eat good food, drink and to be sociable, I don’t often turn down a social event. I particularly enjoy making money but also spending it especially on items for myself and home! One interesting fact is I am a qualified tanning technician, which was inspired by my love of the beauty industry.

Samantha Atkins
Top Recruitment Related Tip

Remember at interview stage to sell yourself. Obviously recruitment is a sales job and you need to sell opportunities to candidates and candidates to clients – so selling yourself should be an easy sale.

My passions

Cycling is a passion of mine and one of my biggest achievements was cycling 160 mile round trip from Hampshire to the Isle of Wight. I have two lovable King Charles Cavaliers who come to work with me every day and when I’m not in the office I love going on luxury narrowboat holidays.

Jim Atkins
Director & Trainer
Top Recruitment Related Tip

Listen to the voice inside your head and trust your intuition.

If in doubt, act. The optimism of the action always outweighs the pessimism of the thought.

Practice, practice, practice – until you can’t get it wrong.

And, never eat yellow snow!

My passions

Most sports – especially cricket and rugby. Gadgets – drones are great fun. Chickens, veg patch and making my own cider.

Dave Lewis
Training manager
Top Recruitment Related Tip

Clear your fee with confidence! Make sure not to talk about ‘current fees’, ‘normal fees’ or ‘standard fees’ with clients.  This language indicates that you don’t believe you are worth full fee and invites negotiation.  Be confident and just say, “My fees are…”  Be proud of what you do and the fee that you charge.

My passions

I’m a keen distance runner so when I’m not working, I train for events and get increasingly irritated that I’m getting slower with age.

Catherine Riley
Catherine Riley Operations Manager
Top Recruitment Related Tip

Be confident and show your passion, commitment, energy and intellect and your will reap the rewards of a job in the Recruitment Industry.

My passions

I enjoy eating out and anything food and wine related, and to work off this hobby I try to attend the occasional Park Run with my two sons. I am passionate about watching my children play football and when I’m not working I love going on adventurous dog walks with my Chocolate Labrador and Cocker Spaniel.

MD (Male dog)
Top Recruitment Related Tip

Never trust a vet!

My passions

Trying really hard to find the balance between looking cute and appearing stupid

FD (Female Dog)
Top Recruitment Related Tip

If in doubt, run round the room barking madly and jumping up at anyone around.

My passions

Spend most of my time ensuring that everyone does exactly what I want – it is exhausting work!

What they say about us


Trainee Consultant

The course has given me a greater understanding of the steps involved in the recruitment process



Useful information from an experienced company, I feel I can use these skills and improve


IT Resourcer

Very engaging, learnt a lot and great atmosphere


Recruitment Consultant

Fantastic help as I have recently been made a 360° consultant. Well delivered with good pace throughout



Kept my attention, delivered in a way that was interesting and engaging


Associate Consultant

Learnt a lot about the whole recruitment process and helped me develop my skills further


Recruitment Consultant

The course was well structured and gave me an in-depth understanding of many new ideas and concepts


Trainee Recruitment Consultant

Absolutely invaluable advice on my role, especially as a new member of the profession