• Why did you contact me in the first place?

    We’re constantly looking for candidates who we believe have potential to succeed in a recruitment environment.  We’ll have identified key skills or traits in your CV along with your own ideas about industries you would like to work in that make us think it’s worth talking to you about a career in recruitment.

  • Do you guarantee to get me a job?

    Definitely not.  We have a stringent selection process to ensure that we only represent the best potential recruiters on the marketplace.  If we don’t feel we can represent you for the live roles that we’re working on, we’ll let you know straight away and won’t leave you hanging on unduly.  If we can represent you, we’ll advise and support you through our client’s internal recruitment process.  Even with that support, ultimately it’ll come down to you as to how well you perform and whether you’re made an offer.

  • So are you a recruitment business like all the others who have contacted me recently?

    In short, “No, we’re not!”  We have been a training business to the recruitment sector for nearly twenty years and realised recruiting great staff was another area in which we could help our clients.  As a training business, we want to make sure that every candidate we place is given in-depth training through their first few months of work to give them every chance of succeeding in the role and to ensure we keep our clients happy!

  • Is this going to cost me anything?

    Not a penny! We’ll represent you for live roles within client companies and deliver industry leading training to you in the first few months of your employment.  The full cost of recruitment and training is covered by the client and not by you.

  • What training will I receive?

    The training you receive will be determined by the kind of role you start in.  For example, if you’re working as a Resourcer where you will be focused primarily on candidates, the training you receive will be candidate focused.  If you start in a role where you’re working with both candidates and clients your personal training programme will reflect this too.  No matter what role you start in, we’ll endeavour to give you a head-start in your recruitment career.tate.

  • Where does the training take place?

    With some businesses, the training takes place ‘in the office’ where you’ll be in training groups with other new starters.  Alternatively, you’ll attend a training course in either Manchester or Winchester where the group will be made up of other new starters from a range of recruitment businesses.  Either way, we’ll give you the skills you need to make sure you make a success of your career.

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