Create a scare-free CV this Halloween!

24/10/2017 - By Josh Spencer

The whole point of a CV is to showcase your skills and abilities before you meet a potential employer, therefore like all first impressions; it is important to avoid scaring them off before you’ve even met! We want to help you create a scare-free CV this Halloween, so take note of some of these ghoulish mistakes we commonly see and make sure you avoid them!

  1. The unprofessional email address

First up in our Halloween CV hall of horrors is the unprofessional email address. It is easy to overlook, but when your prospective boss receives your CV from an email address like, they are unlikely to be overly impressed. If you can’t bear to say goodbye to your old email – create another account for the serious stuff – this way potential employers won’t be discounting your CV even before they’ve looked at it.

  1. Creating a CV, not a novel!

Creating a CV that’s considerably longer than it should be is a classic way to scare off a potential employer. Remember that these people can often receive a hundred CVs for an available post, so if yours is over 2 pages long – the chances are it will be disregarded rather than read! Keep it simple, to two pages, choosing only the relevant skills and experience to include for the specific role.

  1. Poor English

There are really no excuses for a poorly spelt or grammatically incorrect CV. With all the spell and grammar check technology available; your computer is willing to do most of the work for you. But it’s still no substitute for a good old-fashioned proof read before you send it off. If you’re still anxious about your spelling and grammar – have someone else look through it too. This way you won’t scare off future employers from seeing your potential.

  1. Flexing the truth

It may seem like a good idea to embellish the truth when creating your CV, after all, how will they ever know? Whether you’re nervous about how much experience you’ve had, or just feel you need to top-up your skills section – it’s always a bad idea to mislead on a CV. These thing s have a funny way of coming back at you down the line, particularly if you get the job and your exaggerations become painfully obvious! Instead, concentrate on properly showcasing the experience and skills you do have, you’ll put yourself in a far stronger position when it comes to the interview.

  1. Only creating one!

It is important to remember that your first CV is certainly not your final one, and the chances of securing a job are actually significantly increased if you adapt your CV to each role you apply for! Sound too hard? Imagine the ‘horror’ of receiving a CV focused on a catering position when you’re asking for a web assistant?!  Make sure you have different versions of your CV for different roles. It might sound tiresome but it will pay dividends in the long run.

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